NAMGIN - Teufelskralle - Handcrafted in Namibia

Namibia‘s original handcrafted Gin carries the soul into a soothing sea of aromas. The Kalahari‘s Devil‘s Claw, in balanced combination with traditional ingredients, gives this Gin its truly Namibian character: 


    Devils  Claw

  Juniper Berries


recommended pure, like an excellent grappa or on the rocks - a truly uplifting experience.

Java Pepper-Ginger

Flower DevilsClaw


   Acacia Flower

BERLIN -----

DELICIOUS BERLIN - Pariser STR. 54 - 10719 Berlin


POTSDAM ------

SCHNAPSIDEE POTSDAM-Dortustr.16 -14467 Potsdam



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Enjoy the short intro video about the NAMGIN production!


order by email:

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